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Susie Brubaker (née Goldberg) is an emerging artist who entered the world of mixed media mosaics when she met her mentor and teacher, Libby Denenberg, of Wishflower Studio at the Lyndhurst Crafts Fair in Tarrytown, NY. Susie has studied fused glass and kiln baked techniques at Bullseye Studio, Mamaroneck, NY. She loves to merge the two mediums to add spirit, animation and humor to many of her pieces.

Her deep love of nature, animals, birds, flowers, the sea, and sky informs her work. As an Occupational Therapist who has specialized in healing people with trauma or disease, she has used her hands to heal for 42 years. Her mixed media mosaic work is a continuum of healing. Taking bits of broken glass, tile, porcelain, china, beads, fused glass,  Susie pieces them back together, with her hands, to make a new discovery.

Susie started exploring acrylic liquid art during the Pandemic Lockdown and studied with Acrylic Liquid Artists for thousands of hours online. Since then, she, under the teachings of Simon Bull and his videos, has developed a hybrid form of painting mixing straight acrylic painting with pour liquid art techniques. She continues to be inspired by nature, and more recently,in her paintings,  events of the world inform her work.

Susie is now making necklaces out of fused glass, and is experimenting with " sculpture paintings" by attaching multiple pieces together for a multi- dimensional experience. The experimentation continues to unfold, with the use of  Crackle Paint, Alcohol Ink and Impasto. Mixed media encompasses all the shades and textures of the life experience . She looks forward to hearing from you even if it just to exchange ideas and thoughts. 

A new discovery of wholeness.

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